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Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 3 Stories, Solar Architecture in the news; NYC, China, Toronto

1. Brooklyn Army Terminal to get PV solar rooftop panels

New York City plans to install a 50,000-square-foot photovoltaic (PV) panel array at the office/industrial complex Brooklyn Army Terminal. The Smart Grid Demonstration Project will create the largest solar collector in the city, capable of producing at least 600,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year, enough to power two percent of BAT’s electrical usage, or 120 NYC homes.

NYC solar architecture story on Architect's Newspaper website

2. Beijing student Dai Haifei builds portable egg house

Hunan City University architecture student Dai Haifei decided to innovate his way into the city of Beijing' architectural community with his self-designed Egg House.

Created for just $960, the egg-shaped house is portable, features a water tank, a small bed, and a lamp powered by a photovoltaic solar panel on the top of the structure. Haifei successfully lived in the structure on the street for a few months until local media attention forced him to abandon his tiny bamboo palace.

Photos of Egg House in Beijing China, designed by Hunan's Dai Haifei

3. Toronto architect and artist Paul Raff promotes green home designs

Toronto artist and architect Paul Raff, principal of Paul Raff Studio, specializes in environmentally friendly residential architecture. His homes and other projects have attracted international attention and include the Biosphere Sustainability Centre in the Thousand Islands region and the multiple award-winning Cascade House in Toronto.

Paul Raff interview with Deirdre Kelly of The Globe and Mail

Paul Raff Studio: Designing for Sustainability


  1. Soon most all buildings and homes will have a Solar array on them. Solar Energy is more then 2,000 + years old. Archimedes of Syracuse a Brilliant Greek showed this to the world, thousands of years ago. The Romans Empire back then tryed to wipe Archimedes and all his works from History back then. For all the troubles he gave them, when they tryed to take Syracuse. Thanks to Albert Einstein and many others Archimedes of Syracuse work will soon be world wide. The real end to the need for Oil. For over 100 years Schools on earth did not teach our Young Archimedes and Albert Einstein Dream. That Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for in 1921 and was given it in 1922 for Solar Energy Photovoltaic Effect Electric Energy from the SUN.

    Archimedes and Albert Einstein Dream Thank GOD
    it is comming true that the day all on Earth will use Solar Energy.
    The Wicked will not be able to stop it now.
    FREE ENERGY from the SUN Solar Energy


    The Lord's Little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott

  2. Paul,

    That's some profound writing there my friend! I've been researching and promoting solar power for thirty years, and i cannot remember ever hearing of Einstein as the inventor of photovoltaics; I always thought it was NASA.

    Peace from Toronto,



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