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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Biomorphic buildings embrace our future

David Butterworth, Associate Partner, Kirkor Architects

According to Dictionary.com:


a painted, drawn, or sculptured free form or design suggestive in shape of a living organism, esp. an ameba or protozoan: The paintings of Joan Miró are often notable for their playful, bright-colored biomorphs.

Related forms:

bi·o·mor·phic, adjective
bi·o·mor·phism, noun


1890–95; bio- + -morph

The Senior Conceptual Designer at Kirkor Architects, David Butterworth, has created (together with Samuel Zeng of DO HERE Architectural Renderings) a vision of biomorphic buildings on the Toronto waterfront for the 2009 Portlands Competition (descriptive text by David):

We only see fragments of the past and brave gestures of the future in the densification of urban cores. Each gesticulation becomes an expression – a murmur on the reality of what could be achieved.

True freedom of expression allows complete indulgence concerning the interplay of form and structure. Allowing buildings to set their footprint in avenues of un-built mass provides for urban renewal in areas of cities previously left as urban wasteland from decaying manufacturing.

The iconic landmark transforms itself over time and becomes an emblem of a generation. The sense of ownership of this emblem comes not only from its footprint in the city but the iconic nature of its ability to be recognized.

David promises more gorgeous, flowing buildings in 2011, so stay tuned!!!

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