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Friday, February 18, 2011

Spain's Modern Architecture: Barcelona Bilboa Valencia Zaragoza

Origins of Spain's Modern Architecture Leadership

The combination of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the World's Fair in Seville further bolstered Spain's already strong architectural reputation on the international stage, to the extent that many architects from countries suffering from recessions moved to Spain to assist in the boom. In recognition of Barcelona's patronage of architecture, the Royal Institute of British Architects awarded the Royal Gold Medal to Barcelona in 1999, the first time in its history the award was made to a city.

Bilbao attracted the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation to construct a new gallery which opened in 1997. Designed by Frank Gehry in a deconstructivist manner, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao became world famous and single-handedly raised the profile of Bilbao on the world stage. Such was the success of the museum that the construction of iconic architecture in towns aspiring to raise their international profile has become a recognised town planning strategy known as the "Bilbao effect".

- with files from Wikipedia.org

Bilboa Spain Architectural Photos

Guggenheim Museum in Blibao, Spain, by architect Frank Gehry:

Barcelona Spain Modern Architecture

Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Spain:

Casa Mila, Barcelona by Architect Antoni Gaudi:

Valencia Spain Futuristic Buildings

Oceanografico Building in Valencia Spain, by Santiago Calatrava:

Valencia Arts Centre, Spain - Architect Santiago Calatrava:

Architectural Imagery of Zaragoza, Spain

Convention Centre of Aragon - Zaragoza, Spain:

Bridge Pavillion in Zaragoza Spain, by architects Zaha Hadid:

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