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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Utopic biomorphia a flowing, permaculture joy

Valencia Museum, by architect Santiago Calatrava

Designing green is not just about saving energy and reducing carbon footprints, it involves inspiring natural designs, comfortable, functional workspaces, healthy communities, and ultimately, creating a synthesis of beauty in both form and function, erecting buildings that live and breathe as contributors to society.

Earth's largest solar-powered building, in Dezhou, Shangdong, China

It is true that some architects feel constrained by LEED and other green building codes, yet I encourage forward thinkers to utilize government and association guidelines as absolute minimums. Use geothermal systems, strategic windows placement (smaller, eye-level on north side, medium size on east and west, with largest windows on south side), appropriate flora (deciduous on south side, coniferous on north side) etc and then you're building from the ground up, with solid foundations.

The point being, be conscious, but stay creative!

Here are glimpses, beginning with a sculpture (part of 8-part series by Irish artist Eilis O'Connell) from an exhibition entitled Biomorphia:

Jet House by Jerome Olivet

Centre Pompidou-Metz, by Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines

Biomorphic skyscraper and greening of Toronto waterfront, by Butterworth / Zeng

ACROS Fukuoka, green building project in Japan, above and below

World Trade Center Transportation Hub, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava

Ecological Children Activity and Education Center / 24H - Thailand

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  1. Nice blog Joe, thanks for visiting mine :)
    I think you´d like this post about biomimicry
    Hope to ¨see you¨again, best regards,


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