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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 Leading-edge modern architecture studios

Futuristic buildings by Calatrava, Libeskind, Pelli Clarke Pelli

Santiago Calatrava

Pelli Clarke Pelli

Daniel Libeskind

1. Visionary architectural creations of Spain's Santiago Calatrava

Architectural Rendering of new World Trade Center Transportation Hub, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava offers architectural vision of 21st Century

A master of conceptual art and design, Santiago Calatrava is likely to be remembered as the first great architect of the 21st Century. Nothing captivates the mind and inspires the soul like the elegant buildings designed by Calatrava.

Here are some of the exquisite structures created by Santiago Calatrava:

Valencia; Calatrava's hometown

Tenerife Opera House


Milwaukee Art Museum

Valencia, Spain

Official website of architect Santiago Calatrava

2. Wondrous 21st Century Architecture from Pelli, Clarke, Pelli

Pelli Clarke Pelli has been a leader in environmentally sustainable design for over a decade. PCP Arch designs included sustainable strategies even before the U.S. Green Building Council established its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. PCP designed the country’s first residential tower to achieve LEED Platinum, the program’s highest rating. Their vision of sustainability extends beyond the technical concerns of reducing a building’s energy consumption; they believe that to be truly sustainable, a building's design must address the economic and cultural factors that make a project successful long into the future.

Photos and renderings of buildings designed by Cesar Pelli / Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

Miami Center for the Performing Arts

Jingui Li in Wuxi, China

San Francisco Transbay Terminal

Pelli Clarke Pelli new projects:

PCP Arch designs new computer science complex at the University of Texas at Austin

PCP Architects' Vietcom Bank project in Vietnam breaks ground

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects designs Jingui Li green development in Wuxi, China

3. Cutting edge new architecture by Daniel Libeskind

New meets old: Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto, Canada

Love them or hate them, nobody can say that Daniel Libeskind's buildings lack imagination and daring. Though it's been said that some of Daniel's creations are better for viewing than for living or working (hello ROM...) in, Libeskind's output pushes the boundaries of architectural design to the point where technology and materials allow advances in building construction.

The fact that the Daniel Libeskind Studio is also developing and implementing sustainable design policies is like cream cheese icing on a delicious pineapple carrot cake, just keeps getting better.

MGM Mirage hotel/casino complex in Las Vegas, Nevada

Grand Canal Square in Dublin, Ireland

Competition rendering for Gazprom headquarters in St. Petersburg, Russia

Libeskind-designed house in Connecticut

Daniel Libeskind's pre-fab sustainable home

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